Windermere Island Club

An exclusive enclave with a storied past, Windermere Island is a six mile long private out-island paradise, idyllic with lush Bahamian nature surrounded by pink sands and clear turquoise subtropical waters with off-shore reefs. The Island has been a favorite getaway for Princess Diana, and global explorer Jacques Cousteau who called this coastline "one of the two best beaches in the world".

  Windermere's extraordinary beauty, simple accessibility, and absolute seclusion have made it a cherished destination for royalty, dignitaries, and celebrities alike. Now, this jewel of the Bahamas is ready to welcome a few new residents, where friends and extended global families can gather together privately in paradise.

  The new Windermere Island Club community consists of 52 breathtaking residential estate parcels, and enjoyable conservation areas, each approximately a half to two acres, with a 150 to 300 linear feet of beach frontage. The island is lushly canopied with multi-colored mangroves, sea grapes, and silver thatch palms. Half the parcels face eastward to the Atlantic Ocean, while the west facing parcels look onto the tranquil waters of Savannah Sound, with an incredible marine habitat and island shoreline environment of beaches. Activities include fishing, snorkeling around the reefs, swimming or just relaxing on a raft. To the east, an extensive reef system protects the long and exquisite, pink sandy beach. Gentle trade winds nurture an average annual temperature of 84 degrees. A planned marina will provide docking for small boat craft.

  Windermere is connected to the larger isle, Eleuthera via a gated bridge, with a 24/7 friendly gate keeper limiting access solely to residents and guests. One of Windermere's unique attributes is a very well established community which has enjoyed the relative exclusivity of a completely private island, while being located near the island of Eleuthera’s self-sufficient settlements with a variety of shops, supply stores, banks, schools, restaurants and proximity to two international airports. Governor's Harbour (GBH) to the north and Rock Sound (RSD) to the south both boast 8000-foot runways, and are within half an hour's drive to the gated bridge connecting Windermere Island.   About three miles south of the new residential estates lies the legendary Windermere Island Club, a Grand Dame of 20th Century beach clubs, residing on five-plus ocean front acres which served as the hub of the island's prestigious social life. With nineteen guest rooms and 24,648 sq ft of support facilities, defining a Boutique Resort in the Bahamas.

  In addition to the estate parcels and the legendary Club facility, there is another 32-acre property on Windermere with commercial/ hospitality permits in place. This choice parcel has over 2,000 linear feet of Atlantic beach frontage on the east, and 1,200 linear feet of Savannah Sound beach on the west.  

The founder and his family are Windermere residents, which means the team's attention to preserving the island's natural beauty is paramount in maintaining a green and sustainable community, and being able to share this pristine environment with generations to come. The Windermere project team brings with it a billion dollars worth of combined Bahamian experience, with the invaluable assurance, things will be done properly, on time and in budget.

Residential Property
From $493,500 (176’ Waterfront, .658 acres) to $3,420,900 (543’ waterfront, 2 acres)

Residential / Hospitality Property: 32 Acres
From $250,000 (Garden Views, .5 acres) to $667,800 (100’+ Waterfront, .5 acres)

The Windermere Island Club
$6,500,000 (405’ Waterfront, 5.256 acres, 23,648 sf building)

The Windermere House
$6,500,000 (Waterfront access, 360 panoramic hilltop views, 3.777 acres, 6,800 sf building)

To find out more about Windermere Island or to schedule a personal visit contact Kevin Cross, the project’s exclusive realtor at

Properties in Windermere Island Club