Old Fort Bay

Old Fort Bay is an extraordinary waterfront community in The Bahamas nestled along the northern shore of New Providence Island just east of Lyford Cay. Anchored by the historic Old Fort which dates back to the late 1700s and has been lovingly restored as the center of community life, Old Fort Bay combines Old Bahamian island living with the latest in community planning and design with a beach club, marina, canal systems and parks.

Residents at Old Fort find that their houses are full of friends and family throughout the year. The proximity to the international airport as well as the growing list of carriers who service NAS is ideal.

The Old Fort's location 10 minutes from the airport is a great asset. More and more people report that the quick direct flights from New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Charlotte and London are what attracted them to own here.

Once here, residents find there is a lot to do in Nassau and on the other islands. People have come to Nassau to experience a Caribbean way of life with an "English accent." For those who want excitement, downtown Nassau, a 25 minute drive, has great shops, active nightlife, gambling casinos and a thriving and bustling historic centre. The Old Fort beach is considered the most beautiful beach on the island. Golf and tennis, snorkeling and world-famous diving are minutes away.

Our residents are keen boaters who often take day trips to Rose Island and the Exuma chain. First time visitors to these magnificent turquoise waters and islands are stunned by nature's beauty. A day trip by plane or ferry to the charming Harbour Island usually completes a holiday to Old Fort. There just happens to be a perfect place for lunch there and a few great shops as well.

For nature lovers, The Bahamas is full of birds, trees and, of course, pristine and immaculate reefs and water. Naturalists have been obsessed by this beauty since the 17th century.

The community of Old Fort Bay, with the club as its centerpiece is unique. The new master plan celebrates the 1920s mansions of Jungle Cove and Cynara as well as the 1950s Hollywood beach house Xanadu complemented by the immaculate Venetian Villas, Club Villas and the three islands of Fincastle, Montagu and Charlotte.

Old Fort Bay’s newest properties available for sale include deepwater canal lots on the three islands as well as the terrific Club Villas which are steps from the Old Fort Bay Club and under the same magical, mature tropical landscaping.

The architectural code carefully ensures excellence without prescribing a particular style. In other words, houses with their stylistic roots in the Mediterranean Revival co-exist beautifully with houses firmly influenced by the traditional Caribbean vernacular. The result is harmonious.

Old Fort, it turns out, is part club, part community and part and parcel what everyone secretly dreams the “Old Bahamas” to be. Lush landscaping greets visitors at the resort’s majestic, arched gate that could easily be the entrance to an ancient quarter in a grand Spanish city.

The marvelously romantic history of the Old Fort is evident to members from the minute they turn the corner that leads to the club. Giant, flaming poinciana trees line the drive and a 19th-century cannon greets visitors on the front lawn. The building has the majesty of the fort it once was and the spirit of conviviality and informality of the home that the Cutting family created in the 1920s.

The Old Fort Club sits mightily on the top of the ridge overlooking what most say is the prettiest beach in Nassau. The water’s dozen or so colors of blue and green can hardly be described.

Nowadays, children climb on the many cannons and play pirates amid the wonderful cliffs and caves. Members arrive early to walk the pristine beach and to read the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, which are delivered daily at the crack of dawn. They enjoy espresso made the “right” way and the freshest, most modern lunch and dinner menus on the island.

Properties in Old Fort Bay